We encourage artists, emerging and well-known, local and international to utilize the space to provide a valuable experience to the Pilsen community.  These categories of the usage of the space are listed below.


 Visual Arts

The department of Visual Arts will include monthly art exhibitions of: painting, drawing, collage, photography, prints, sculpture, and other handmade objects of art to be sold in the gallery section at the front of the space. 




The department of Music will include live concerts, approximately 4 per month, in the musical genres ofworld music, folk/folkloric music, fusion, rock, reggae, ska and other cultural performances for which tickets would be sold at an affordable price to bring new sounds to the community. 



The department of Theatre will include live theatrical performances such as: plays, monologues, comedy shows, improvisation, children’s theatre, and dramatic workshops for which tickets would be sold at an affordable price to bring a wide range of theatrical options to the community.


 Space Rental

The space may be rented out by clients for a fee, which includes access to a fully functional professional sound stage, sound engineering equipment (with a sound engineer who will be paid to monitor the equipment), screen, projector, specialized stage lighting, and other theatrical equipment.  Such events may include: educational seminars, workshops, art/book/music/theatre/film presentations, fundraisers, work parties, and family-oriented events such as, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other gatherings in an intimate setting with a focus on a space that fosters creativity.